Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Final Light Infantry

I've now finished the second batch of Fleurian Chasseurs a Pied. This gives me a further 10 men and 2 leaders (Big Men for Sharp Practice), making 3 dozen light infantry in all, when added to the earlier Voltigeurs.

They are the same Perry early ACW figures as before, including a command pack this time. When done, the flag will be a clipart printout and highlight paint job. The sergeant (who was originally another standard bearer with an empty hand) has had a plasticard and greenstuff sword added.

This batch:

Combined Fleurian light infantry (minus 1 figure which I foolishly left in the drawer). This makes 3 'groups' for Sharp Practice, or 1 battalion (on magnetic sabot bases) for the big games at Ayton when we do 19th century:

Light battalion deployed with Voltigeur flank companies skirmishing out front on open order bases (as per Tim Hall's excellent ACW rules):

On to the line infantry next.


  1. Very impressive! I used to play Sharp Practice a lot in the past. I wonder if Bolt Action would work for this period?

  2. Hi Dean, I haven't seen the Bolt Action rules but if they allow for small unit skirmishes and have some sort of focus on the leaders, then I don't see why not.