Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Legion de Fleurie Light Gun

The mid-18th century Legion is coming along slowly. I've managed to finish the small artillery component - leaving the 2nd light company, the bulk of the grenadiers and the commander still to do.

The crew are very mildly converted Royal Ecossais command figures from Crann Tara's Culloden range. They're by the same sculptor as Minden Miniatures, so are lovely well-proportioned figures. The pointing officer received a linstock and two standard bearers received the rammer, etc. Lots of detail to paint, but worth it. The uniform is basically the same as the Legion light infantry (inspired by the Royal Ecossais themselves) and the gun is in red to match, unlike the regular Fleurian artillery which has yellow carriages and equipment.

The gun is from RSM and the 3 crew denote it as a light piece.

Deployed on sabot:

Old school style:


  1. Lovely stuff again Dave. We shall have to pit the legions against each other! Mine have definitely got bigger guns! :)

  2. Sounds like a great idea! Mine have got mates with bigger guns.. :)

  3. Your artillery team looks superb! Where did you get the gun base with these nicely fitting crew bases?

  4. Thanks Maerk. Warbases sell these mdf sabots, to fit standard coin sizes (UK ones at least). This sabot is a custom made size I requested: 70mm square and designed to take 4 x 25mm coins in the corners. In my experience Warbases are very helpful and always willing to produce exactly what you need.