Wednesday, 28 January 2015

We Are Sailing

Basing your otherwise finished figures can take an age, can't it? Even so, I finally got round to completing this merry bunch of Medetian naval types.

They're a pretty eclectic lot - a mixture of Perry, Mutineer and Victrix figures. Although they're from a variety of actual historical periods they'll all be taking part in the Medetian expedition into the back of beyond at the Ayton gathering in May. Let's just hope there's a river! I'm trusting you Iain!!

While the gatling gun and anyone in a pith/pipe helmet is clearly going to have limited future use, the others will be able to take part in my post-Napoleonic setting using the Sharp Practice rules. Now I just need to finish the small marine contingent, and I have a plan in motion for some stout sailors to go ashore with them. Oh, and the previously tried, tested and calamitous rocket battery is being handed over to the navy to operate, so there are some crew to paint for that.

It occurred to me that my rocket launchers are painted in two shades of blue, which is appropriate considering that 'blue on blue' is their likely contribution to the battles at Ayton. I'd just like to apologise in advance to any allies who're on the receiving end...


  1. Very nice! Looking forward to reading about your landing action with Sharp Practice.

  2. Excellent little crew! So that's what I'll probably be up against?!?

  3. You never know, we might even be on the same side this year! If not, could you paint targets on your sombreros?