Monday, 30 March 2015

Mountain Gun

I decided to add something a bit different to my post-Napoleonic Fleurians - a mountain gun to accompany the light infantry on their raids and missions through rough terrain.

This is a Perry Miniatures set from their Carlist Wars range. There is also one more crewman with a telescope, who I'll do later as a Big Man for Sharp Practice. I wouldn't normally base a gun (and this one is only sitting on the base, not fixed to it) but it's so small that it needed a bit of extra height once the crew were based. Even so, I still think it'll be christened the 'ankle biter'!

For Sharp Practice I'll add a couple of light infantry to the crew to make it up to the normal 5 figure group. Clearly it won't provide a lot of firepower but hopefully it will be an interesting piece to use in some scenarios.


  1. Hi Dave, you've been busy! I really like what you done with them, uniforms and everything. This type of piece adds a lot of character to a wargame.

  2. Charming figures well painted.

  3. Very cool gun and love the red pants!

  4. Thanks guys, these sort of things are fun to do and have lots of potential for use on the tabletop.