Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Quick Reference Sheet for Sharp Practice

During the games of Sharp Practice I played a few months ago I started to develop a QRS to aid play and reduce the amount of time I needed to spend hunting through the rules for things. Excellent though TFL rules are, the order of contents in some of their books can be a bit of a mystery!

I looked around and didn't find much online. I liked what Arteis had produced and shared with the Yahoo group but decided I wanted something more condensed so that I could get everything on 2 sides of A4 paper (to be put back to back in a transparent sleeve and turned over as required).

In the end I went with MS Excel for ease of formatting and basically playing with text in boxes, and have got it pretty much as I want it now. It might not suit everyone (especially those who struggle with small text!) but I have decided to post links here and on the TFL forum in case it's of use to anyone. I've used this QRS in a couple of games now and it works for me, speeding up play and stopping me getting lost in the rulebook.

Click Here for page 1

Click Here for page 2


  1. These sheets are really nice Dave, very professional looking.

  2. These look really useful. Thanks. SP is one of my favorite rulesets.

  3. Thanks guys, at least years of playing with spreadsheets has finally had some benefit!

  4. Thanks for the playsheets.
    We are planning to start playing Sharp Practice soon, and as newbies, I think your play sheets are excactly what we needed as final boost to take the plunge!

  5. A couple of problems on the firing Table. Under Light Troops skirmishing, Rifle row, at 36"-48" there is a "1". Believe it should be a "-". Modifier for First Fire should be +2D6 not +50%. Otherwise a very good job on getting everything needed on two pages.

  6. Thanks Mitch, that's quality proof-reading! The first one is a typo but I've no idea how I made the mistake with the first fire modifier! I've made these changes and swapped out a couple of references to the Cappuccino card (which I use for my games), so it now reads Tiffin card consistently. Cheers, Dave