Thursday, 8 October 2015

John Ray AMG Vignette

At Partizan in May, where members of the 'A Military Gentlemen' forum put on their game, John Ray generously gave each of us a vignette he'd sculpted and had cast specially. This was made up of a superb pair of figures, with an officer being helped into his uniform coat by a servant, and naturally it was going to need painting so that it could get onto the table at some point.

I managed to get mine done towards the end of September, and here it is - presented as an officer of the Medetian Braganza regiment finishing his preparation for battle..

Many thanks to John for this gift, which I hope I've done justice to. Also to Jim Purky, who brought everyone a 'Spirit of '76' vignette from his Fife and Drum range, which I have primed and ready to paint shortly.

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  1. Very nice Dave. You seem to be keeping things ticking over nicely!