Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Small Forest

I'm not exactly short of trees for my 6mm games, but the occasional foray onto a 6x4 foot table has left my thinking that a few more wouldn't go amiss. I needed to borrow a few last time just to be sure - clearly not a long term solution.

Step forward Amphibmods and their eBay shop. 32 trees, each 50-60mm tall and coming with a nicely sculpted base, and only costing about 50p each.

Naturally I needed to give the shiny brown plastic bases the Medetian touch so that they blend into the terrain boards nicely. Not too much work, and voila! A small forest to help with those big battles.

Everything's come out a bit pinky due to the light outside at the time of day the pics were taken!


  1. You can't have enough trees Dave. These look quite good. I use this size with my 15mm figs.

  2. Missed this! Those look spot on. Especially for the price! Have you go a link to the seller? Can't find them!